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Enjoy listening to a wide variety of music on your own home piano. PNOmation II Systems have quality pre-recorded performances already stored in your piano system. Have complete control from anywhere in your house using your ipad or smartphone. 

What can I do with this Technology?

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With a simple pull lever you can activate a bumper rail that stops the hammers the moment before it makes contact with your piano strings. The keys will feel the same as playing normally, but the piano will remain silent. With an optical piano record strip connected to a sound modual, you can listen to your piano through headphones.

Media for a midi piano is not limited to recording software. Notation programs such as Finale or Sibelius often utilize midi functions to make compostition easier and faster. Piano practice aids like Piano Marvel are also growing in popularity due to the instant positive feedback and motivation the program provides.

Piano Recording Software
PNO Scan

PNO Scan consists of an optical piano record strip which is installed underneath the keys of your acoustic upright or grand piano. Tiny sensors, that continuously track your key movement, send an electronic signal to the processor where you can connect to a computer for using midi piano software.

Silent Piano System
Silent Piano Systems

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Welcome to the Music Technology section of PIANO MASTERS.  Below are some ways we can incorporate the old with the new. Combine your acoustic piano with a midi keyboard and have the best of both worlds.